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Mesa Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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Almost everyone loves sitting down with a full supply of popcorn for a movie night or evening. However, the site of popcorn ceilings and the hazards they may cause if they have asbestos means they have to be removed immediately. Fortunately, you can hire the ceiling removal services in Mesa of Phoenix Popcorn Ceiling Removal.

Call us through (602) 935-9141 to discuss your project more. Please send us your project details and deliverables on the form on this page, and our experts will advise you accordingly.

About Us

We are Phoenix Popcorn Ceiling Removal, a professional ceiling and drywall contractor serving Mesa's commercial and residential clients. We are here to install drywalls that perfectly and flawlessly blend in with panels of sheetrock. Also, we have years of skills and experience in different ceiling designs. If you have a building with an older ceiling that needs a new plaster or one with asbestos that needs removing, we are the kind of contractor to contact.

Popcorn and Asbestos Ceiling Removal in Mesa

If you finally have found yourself on our website, it is probably because you need to remove that ceiling with asbestos. While at it, you can take a moment to learn more about such ceilings and why you should get rid of them. If you have no doubt you may be having a popcorn ceiling with traces of asbestos, you can then have our experts remove it for you.

We conduct such assessments for our clients too. If you are uncertain of the kind of ceiling you have, but you have some doubts, you can have our technicians test it for traces of asbestos. Since any percentage, whether 1% or more of asbestos, means the ceiling is hazardous, do not hesitate to have our technicians handle the removal tasks and suggest the best replacements or retexturing options too.

Tired of an Old Popcorn Ceiling?

If you have had that popcorn on your ceiling for long and are tired of it, it is time to remove it. Our experts can safely and efficiently remove it to allow your house to have a more updated and modern look, improve its appeal, and boost its resale value if you need to sell it. Most importantly, it will help eliminate complication-causing fibers from the ceiling and say goodbye to such complications as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

With Phoenix Popcorn Ceiling Removal, we first have asbestos abatement when necessary. This reduces the need for cleaning up the contamination, as it may be more hazardous and expensive. Then, we ensure to have the following precautions in place:

  • Removal of furniture and covering the immovable ones.
  • Turning off your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit to prevent the spreading of contaminants into other rooms.
  • Sealing the doors and windows sufficiently.
  • Ensuring people and pets are in a containment area or that they have the right protective gear.
  • Wearing respirators and other protective gear to reduce hazards to our workers.
  • Disposing of asbestos-containing debris in well-sealed and labeled containers.

How it Works

Once you get in touch with our crew, we send our technicians to your place for assessments. They will identify the project deliverables and options that can work efficiently for you and draft a free estimate too. Once you review and approve the quotation, we will get down to work and remove the bothersome ceiling for you.

Do give us a call today for a free consultation. Call (602) 935-9141 today and speak to an expert or fill out the form on this page with detailed project info.

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