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Gilbert Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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Are you a Gilbert residential or commercial property owner? Are you the property owner of those that spot popcorn ceilings and would love to get rid of it before it becomes hazardous? If yes, then you came to the place. Welcome to speak to the experts from Phoenix Popcorn Ceiling Removal and have your asbestos ceiling removal handled by the right contractor.

To contact our technicians for a free estimate, call (602) 935-9141 now or send us your project details using the contact form on this page.

About Us

At Phoenix Popcorn Ceiling Removal, we want to help everyone living under a hazardous asbestos ceiling to get rid of it. As it contains tiny fibers, you would not want to imagine what complications you and your family might have once the fibers get to your lungs. To avoid issues such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer, and to have a better, modern ceiling on your building, talk to us today.

Why Get Rid of Asbestos Ceilings

With an asbestos ceiling, the hazard is not only because of the crumbliness but also because of any percentage. As long as the ceiling remains undisturbed (which may not be so for so long), or an expert encapsulates it well, it cannot endanger your health. However, it is highly advisable to have a professional remove it, regardless of the percentage, to avoid future issues you would have handled when you had the opportunity.

Most of these ceilings have 1%-10% of asbestos. Since any percentage is risky, you do not need to be told why or when to have an expert remove them for you. Talk to us at Phoenix Popcorn Ceiling Removal today and have the looming problem removed once and for all.

Get Reliable Asbestos Ceiling Removal in Gilbert

If you need expert asbestos ceiling removal in Gilbert, contact us immediately. We have years of experience and the requisite expertise to have your ceiling brought down and a new one installed immediately. With the right tools, equipment, and advanced techniques, you can be sure that your project will be in the most qualified hands.

At Phoenix Popcorn Ceiling Removal, we have a crew that brings decades of combined experience to the table. Our primary goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with what we offer, be it on a small or large ceiling or whether it is a vast commercial or small residential property. We are simply suited for ceilings, and if you are sure you are not ready to continue with a popcorn one, we will remove it for you.

Why Hire Us?

You have more reasons to hire and entrust your project to us. Choose us and enjoy:

  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Full compliance
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Professional expertise
  • Responsive crew and a 24/7 customer support desk.

If you are unsure whether you have a popcorn ceiling, we will also offer you assessment services. From the assessment, we will draft a free estimate for you. After you review and approve it, our crew will get down to business.

To contact us for a free consultation and quote, call our main phone line (602) 935-9141. Explain your project details and requirements to our team, and we will pick it up from there.

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