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Dry Wall Contractor

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Drywall is an unassuming material vital for any build. It is often known this, but it can be called many other things such as plasterboard or gypsum board. It is a panel made from calcium sulfate dehydrate or gypsum and then formed into sheets between a facer and back paper. Often the mixture is blended with a sort of fiber. Back in the day, this was done with asbestos, but now safer and durable materials are used. Drywall is a great time and labor-saving alternative to plaster, which has now entirely replaced the old way of adding walls. We are here to give Phoenix, AZ, the best looking drywalls possible.

Drywall Installation

As we have mentioned about drywall replacing traditional plastering due to the time, it takes to install. A plaster installation can take an entire week, and an entire home can be drywalled in as little as two days with the right crew. A crew like ours at Phoenix Dry Wall Contractor. Drywall is done in a couple of steps. First, the sheetrock is hung and screwed to the joists of your walls. Then it is covered in a jointing compound or mud to blend the seams together. After a tape is added between the seams to strengthen the bond and then a broad application of mud is added to seal it all together. Likewise, all of the screw holes are jointed as well to hide them. Once all is dry, it can be sanded to ensure a perfect blend between panel to a panel of drywall.

Types of drywall

Not all drywall is the same. Sure, most will be your typical gypsum board; however, there are a few specialty types as well. Most notably, there is acoustic drywall that will help dampen sounds from inside or outside your space. If you need acoustic drywall services, we can help. There is also a cement board. While technically a different product, it is the same in the application. While sheetrock is made from a gypsum plaster, cement board is made from cement and is used in areas like a shower as it is also water resistance compared to regular sheetrock.

Drywall repair

Regardless of how your drywall became damaged, we can help you get the repairs you need for seamless, beautiful walls. So, if it was water damaged or some physical damage to your beautiful walls, we can get those areas quickly repaired and flawlessly blending in so you would never even know that any work was even done.

Textured/ popcorn ceiling removal

Many older homes have what is known as a popcorn ceiling. It was after all prevalent for many years. No matter if it was a stucco textured ceiling or was done with a swirl, stomp, or stipple it often looks dated. If you no longer want any textured ceiling, then we can easily remove it for you. We have the popcorn ceiling removal tool to make easy work of removing that dated looking texture.

If you require any drywall services and asbestos removal in the Phoenix, AZ area, then please let us know today. After all, we are the local drywall contractor in Phoenix.

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