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Chandler Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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When homeowners renovate their houses, among the first things they remove are popcorn ceilings. Popularized between the 1930s and 1980s, the popcorn type of ceiling had seen better days when it was a popular option for bedrooms and hallway ceilings until a ban by the Clean Air Act came into effect in the United States. As of now, most homeowners who still have such ceilings are looking for the best contractors to remove them, and that is where Phoenix Popcorn Ceiling Removal comes in.

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About Us

As our name says, we are specialized in removing ceilings. We scrap off high spots and then cover the ceilings with several drywall mud coats. We have the requisite training, skills, and experience to get your job done right and get you the right return on investment.

Why You Need Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Also referred to as a stucco ceiling, cottage-cheese ceiling, stipple ceiling, or acoustic ceiling, a popcorn ceiling has more reasons to warrant its removal. For starters, builders who wanted to hide imperfections used it often. Secondly, such ceilings were made with one to ten percent of asbestos. Any percentage of asbestos is not safe, which means it should be removed, and a qualified and experienced professional should do it for you.

The other reason why you need to get it off is that it is a brittle material. This means that you have an easy-to-damage ceiling. Slight damage to such a ceiling with friable asbestos could result in the release of dangerous dust that can affect your lungs and cause serious complications, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

Reliable Popcorn Ceiling Chandler

We are among the most sought-after and reliable asbestos ceiling removal contractors in Chandler. This is because we have all it takes and decades of experience and offer nothing short of the best to our clients. With a record of completing every project we handle and a growing list of satisfied clients, you can be sure that the right people will be handling your project once you entrust it to us.

Our work involves specially designed service delivery models. We first ensure to do the right asbestos abatement before we bring the ceiling down. This is done to avoid cleaning up the contamination afterward since it can be a bit more expensive and hazardous. As different states and cities demand, you should have professionals do the removal tasks for you, where we come in.

To ensure we guarantee everyone’s safety, we follow the following precautions:

  • Removing all the furniture and covering what we cannot remove.
  • Turning off heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units prevents the spreading of contamination to other rooms.
  • Sealing all the doors and windows sufficiently.
  • Ensuring humans and pets are in a safe containment area if they do not have protective gear.
  • Setting up a purifier where necessary and wearing respirators.
  • Wearing the right overalls and covering our skins sufficiently to reduce hazards.
  • Removing the ceiling safely and discarding the debris in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Contact Us

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