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Asbestos Removal (Ceilings)

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Before we all knew any better, we used some nasty stuff in many of our products. This was often in the drive to make things cheaper and easier to produce. This is why you had lead in paint and even gasoline but as we now know that was terrible for our families and our vehicles. The same goes with walls. For many years asbestos was used in the drywall as the strengthener for the sheetrock, yet as we now know, asbestos is no good for you as well. However, there are still many homes and buildings that still have asbestos in them simply because the previous owner could not be bothered to have it replaced. Yet, if you care about your family or guests, then you have a responsibly to replace those older asbestos ceilings or walls with modern sheetrock for a safer cleaner environment.

Natural but dangerous

Asbestos is actually a general term refereeing to six naturally occurring silicate minerals. They are stringy or fibrous and are resistant to fire, which did make them attractive as a building material. However, over time, we have learned that when inhaled will lead to various lung conditions, including cancer. This is why many cities for their municipal projects and commercial buildings have had the material removed, and it has also been banned in many countries.

How do I know I have asbestos on my property?

If your building was built before the 1980s and has not seen any renovations since then, you are guaranteed to have asbestos in your place. Of course, we are also glad to come on by and give a free inspection of your site and a free estimation of the repair costs. The fibers in asbestos are too small to see with the naked eye and that smell that people often think of as asbestos is not from the material itself. This is why it is vital if you have an older home to have it inspected by professionals like ourselves to ensure your property is asbestos-free.

Safe asbestos removal

If it is discovered that you do have asbestos in your home or commercial building, then the only right course of action to take is having it removed. This is not something that we would ever suggest you have an amateur do or even yourself as cleaning asbestos out of clothing is more of a challenge, and they must be very carefully cleaned. Plus, also if they do remove the asbestos and if they are not concerned about safe or clean job practices, even with a bulk of the material removed the asbestos dust can still be around.

That is the stuff which you can quickly inhale and get sick from it.  That is why you owe it to yourself and others to have those of us at Phoenix Dry Wall Contractor to safely and efficiently remove all of your asbestos. Your property will be sparkling clean, and not a single trace of the dangerous material will be left behind.

If you are in Phoenix, AZ and you need asbestos safely removed, then you owe it to yourself to call the best and most reliable local drywall contractor to handle the job. Please call or email us today. Find out much more details about us.

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