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Phoenix Apartment Popcorn Ceiling Removal

this image shows phoenix apartment popcorn ceiling removal

In the recent past, we have seen the number of people seeking apartment popcorn ceiling removal increase. This is unlike the past when these kinds of the ceiling were very popular due as it helps to hide blemishes and the ease of installation. If you are one of those who are seeking for apartment asbestos removal, you can count on Phoenix popcorn ceiling Removal Company to do the work for you. Dial (602) 935 - 9141 to get our team to check on your project.

Why Popcorn Ceiling Removals

If you are wondering if it is necessary to change your textured ceiling, here are a few reasons:

  • The stucco ceiling will at times contain asbestos which can be toxic and if you do not have the expertise to handle it, you would better leave the job to the experts.

You do not have to maintain the material in your home that will be potentially hazardous. Instead, you should leave it to the experienced and trained professionals.

  • The stipple ceiling was also sprayed on and this was considered easier and cost-effective to cover the space.

After 1978, the Clean Air Act was passed and the cottage cheese ceiling was paid close attention to This is because there was the use of asbestos as a building agent for the textured material. This is when the acoustic ceiling was taken more seriously.

  • Popcorn ceiling apartments also tend to trap cobwebs and dust.

This often leaves them looking dirty and ugly even as they pose a big threat to people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues.

  • It is usually very difficult to repair this kind of ceiling as it is hard to hide the spot that has been repaired.

It may be hard to replicate the original spray. This is why it is easy to see the specific area, where the original repair was done and patched.

Choose Acoustic Ceiling Contractors in Phoenix

The acoustic ceiling may be great looking when new but will turn into a nightmare when it grows old. With refurbishing your home, you do not have to keep procrastinating.

Contact us at (602) 935 - 9141 and we will do a makeover of your ceiling. We will add to the aesthetic beauty of the home and will, therefore, increase its resale value. We are licensed, insured and bonded. We have maintained an A+ plus rating on the Phoenix Better Business Bureau.


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