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Phoenix Acoustic Ceiling Removal

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Removing your textured ceiling is the most effective and easiest way of updating your home’s look. With our Phoenix popcorn ceiling removal service, you can be assured of a well-done job that will meet your needs and interests. It doesn’t matter if you want to replace your old and damaged ceiling: you can count and rely on us. Reach us by calling (602) 935 - 9141.

Opt for Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Stipple ceiling is a material that is very friable. This means it can easily get damaged. If you would like to sell your home, a textured ceiling can make the value of your home to go down. The friable asbestos materials tend to release toxic dust whenever there is a slight disturbance. When you inhale asbestos dust, this can lead to serious respiratory problems such as lung cancer.

Besides, the process of removing the ceiling is never easy and this is why you should allow us to take care of everything.  First, it is usually very messy and therefore requires preventative measures like covering furniture with plastic to ensure safety.  There is also a need to test for asbestos as a precaution.

After this has been done, there is a need to determine if the texture is already painted. Paint can make it harder to remove and there is a need for dry-scraping which requires more effort. We use water to dissolve the texture. We will also sand the substrate to provide a smooth and nice look surface before painting and priming can be done. This provides your ceiling with that lovely and sleek appearance.

Why Choose Us

Our acoustic ceiling removal services are 100% safe. We provide quality services for all households in the Phoenix area. We have the latest equipment and skilled staffs who will help remove your textured ceiling.  If you want to do crown molding removal in a professional way, contact us on (602) 935 - 9141.

Some of the reasons why our clients love our services include:

  • Professional staff
  • Prompt services
  • Fully licensed, insured and bonded
  • Affordable price
  • Prompt services

Our goal is to always remove stucco ceilings in a safe way and with the least amount of mess. We have a team of professionals who will work closely with the home as well as the business owners to ensure that the popcorn ceiling material is removed and you get a new texture that looks exactly as you would like it to be.


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